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Our Yachting Related Articles

"Staying Warm, Well, and Out of
the Bermuda Triangle"

Carbon Monoxide and Brain Function. Low levels of CO aboard boats and yachts can cause confusion and mistakes in judgement which may be deadly. Telltales Magazine, Jan 2006.
"Who Knows What Evil Lurks Below Your Sole."
Do you know where your seacocks are tonight? Seacocks, hoses and clamps. Telltales Magazine, Oct 2005.
"Heaven, Hell, and Shorepower."
Shorepower inlet/cord connector problems and solutions. Telltales Magazine, May 2005.
"Sailboat Rig Problems: A Surveyor's View"
Jan 2005 (update)
"Reflectopail Anchoring Visibility Aid"
Cruising World Magazine, "Workbench" section, December 2001
"Save the Crocagator"
A different viewpoint on marine sanitation philosophy. Telltales Magazine, April 2001
(More coming as we get them on line)

Good Articles by Other Surveyors.

Jack Horner, NA SAMS-AMS NAMS-CMS and also a naval architecht Davidsonville, MD has written a large number of very good boat reviews found on the BoatUS web site for both power and sail boats.
David Pascoe a marine surveyor in Florida has a series of excellent web articles on yachts and boat buying. Power boat buyers especially will want to look at the "Boat Buying 101" and powerboat reviews at his on line magazine Dockside Reports.

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